Powertech is one of the leading importer and supplier of  spare parts using in Printing , Packaging and other related industry in the middle east and Africa. We  keep wide range of spare parts in regular stock. We have Mechanical parts like Grippers, gripper bars, plate clamps, Variable speed belts, variable speed pulleys, cam followers, numbering cams, carbon vanes, high temperature oil seals, Gaskets for Vacuum/Pressure compressors,  etc and Electrical parts like UV lamps, PTFE conveyor belts, Temperature controllers, timers, counters, inverters, AC Drives, DC Drives, power supplys, AC/DC Motors, Blowers, Panel meters, Limit switches, Push Switches, Temperature sensors, Proximity Sensors, Photo electric Sensors, capacitive sensors, Level sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Magnetic Contactors, Encoders, Cold Mirrors ,Carbon Brushes, etc.

Polar 115 Hydraulic Pump & Push Switch
Ink Duct Side Support , GTO Feed Gripper
SM Belt Tension-er & Over Running Clutch
GTO Paper Smoother & Pneumatic Piston
SM Feeder Belt
GTO & SORM Brake Liner
SM Gas Spring & Clamp Liver
Drive Motor Table Top Lamination
Pneumatic Valve HDM
Pneumatic Valve HDM
Dampening Piston HDM
Over Running Clutch HDM
Gripper Bar Spring
KLM Board
Autoplate Plate Clamp SM
Blanket Lock
SM Blower
Cam Follower
Carbon Vanes For Compressor
Delivery Gripper Assembly
Feeder Sucker
Filters for Compressor
Air Cylinder Valve
GTO Dampening BLA Board
GTO Inside Pulley
GTO Plate Clamp
Pneumatic Valve HDM
Filter For Blower HDM
CPC Switch
Air Cylinder Valve
Delivery Pile Control Sensor
Ink Duct Support
Plate Punch
Pneumatic Piston HDM
Blanket Wash Piston
Chain Tension-er
CPC Ink Control Motor
IR Lamp
IR Lamp
SM Servo Motor
SM Dampening Level Sensor
Frontlay Sensor
Pneumatic Piston HDM
Feeder Support
Paper Drill Bit
Variable Speed Belt
Frontlay Stopper
SM Valve
UV Capacitor
Paper Smoother
Frontlay Amplifier
Plate Clamp
Clamp Lever
Powder Spray Belt
SM Gripper Spring
Polar Pressure Control Pedal
Numbering Cam
SM Carbon Brush
Cutting Machine Knife
SM Level Sensor
Delivery Gripper Spring
SM Brake Disc
Coater Unit Viper
Feeder Sucker Assembly
Feeder Belt
SM Dampening Filter
GTO Water Bottle
Printing Rollers
Plate Spanner
Feeder Brush
T Platten Gripper
UV & IR Lamps
Impression Cylinder Gripper
Kompac Teflon
Numbering Machine
Delivery Sensor
Washing Blade
Numbering Ring GTO
Saug Band
Timing Sensor
Frontlay Sensor
Safety Bolt
Pneumatic Piston HDM
Pneumatic Valve HDM
Powder Spray Gasket
Safety Bolt
Pressure Sensor
Brake Disc
SM Valve
SM Piston
Plate Spanner
GTO Filter
Carbon Brush
Powder Spray Bottle GTO
Feeder Support
Air Filter
Ink Duct Support
UV Lamps
Vacuum Compressor
CPC Switch
Polar 115 Gear Box