Powertech International Trading LLC based in Dubai, we buy and sell Printing and Packaging machines all over Middle East and Africa since 1997. Powertech International Trading LLC previously known as Printech Engineering Services which was established in 1997. We are operating from our Sharjah office also. We can offer good technical support and service through our skilled engineers and technical support team.

Die Cutting ML-750 Machine (50×70)
Die Cutting ML-1040 Machine (104×72)
Die Cutting ML-1100 Machine(110×80)
Die Cutting ML-1500 Machine (150×115)
Die Cutting ML-2000 Machine (200×140)
Die Cutting ML-2200 Machine (220×140)
Die Cutting ML-750 DM Cutting Machine (50×70)
Die Tech-1060MF Automatic Platen Die Cutting and Stripping Machine
Foil Tech-1060STE Automatic Die Cutting and Foiling Machine
TSDPT-LC1000/1500-1218 Laser Die Board Cutting Machine
Laser Die Cutting Machine ( Working size: 1250×1850mm / 4×6 feet)
KH-1390 Laser Engraving Machine (1300×900 mm )
JQPT-6040 CO2 Laser Engraving/ Cutting Machine
TSDPT-LC400 Lase Die Board Cutting Machine
LDPT-1390L Laser Cutting Machine (1300×900 mm)
WRPT-1325 Laser Engaraving/Cutting Machine
WRPT-9060 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
TSD-830 Automatic Steel Rule Bending Machine
IMPACKT FML-750 Foiling Machine (74×51 cm)
IMPACKT FML-750 DM Foiling Machine
IMPACKT FML-1100 Foiling Machine (110×80 cm)
IMPACKT FML-1100 DM Foiling Machine (110×80 cm)
TC-250K Plane/ Round Bottle Hot Foil Stamping Machine
PT-390A Automatic Thermal Lamination Machine ( 340 mm)
PFMA 540 With Stacker Thermal Lamination Machine
PFMA-540 Without Stacker Thermal Lamination Machine
DSG-390A Automatic Lamination Machine
DSG-520Y Thermal Lamination Machine
DSG-720Y Thermal Lamination Machine
YDFM-920 Manual Lamination Machine
LAMITECH 920A Semi Automatic Thermal Lamination Machine
LAMITECH 920B Semi Automatic Thermal Lamination Machine
PFMA-800 Automatic Laminating Single or Double Face Machine
Lamination Machine Table Top Without Conveyor
Lamination Machine Table Top With Conveyor
FLPT-380 Foiling Digital Lamination Machine
ATL-740 Automatic Lamination Machine
QYH-660 Automatic Creasing & Perforating Machine
331A Manual Hand Feed Creasing Machine
331B Automatic Pile Feed Creasing Machine
Impact Table Top Creasing Machine 550 mm
Table Top Creasing and Perforation Machine 382 mm
FNPT-450VS+ Electric Paper Cutting Machine
PT-4606H Paper Cutting Machine (460 mm)
EPT-520R Electrical Program-Controlled Paper Cutting Machine
PT-5208PX Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine
PT-6700PX Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine
KCPT-560 Manual Grooving Machine (560 mm)
IMPACKT V Grooving 1200 Manual Feed Machine
AUTOGROOCE J1200A Automatic Grooving Machine
PTKC-900 Automatic Grooving Machine
PTKC-1200 Automatic Grooving Machine
IMPACKT PTDK-150A Paper Drilling Single Head Machine
IMPACKT PTDK-150B Paper Drilling Single Head Machine
Automatic Paper Drilling Double Head Machine
PTM-1000 RP Board Pressing Machine
PTM 100 BP Board Pressing Machine
PTM 800 CP Board Pressing Machine
PTM-1000 CP Board Pressing Machine
PTM-680 CDP Board Pressing Machine
PTM-800 CDP Board Pressing Machine
PTM-1000 CDP Board Pressing Machine